Pat Sullivan Focuses on Alternative Assessments


Covington, Washington — Pat Sullivan has been a leader in Olympia on helping schools adapt to the WASL.

“I believe in high academic standards,” said Pat Sullivan, “but we need to make sure our schools are responsive to the many ways students learn.” Pat Sullivan is the vice chair of the Education Committee in the State House and a former PTA president. He also served on the Kent School District Strategic Planning Task Force.

Beginning with the graduating class of 2008, students must pass the WASL in order to graduate. Initially the test will include reading, writing, and math, and then in 2010, science will be added.

Pat Sullivan reviewed various alternative assessments when researching the issue in Olympia. Among the many bills passed, was a career and technical alternative assessment for students to meet state standards and gain skills and knowledge in high-demand technical fields.

Pat Sullivan for State Representative


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