On the Issues

Our Schools

 As As a father, coach, and PTA volunteer, I am deeply committed to improving our schools. As House majority leader, I have advocated for fully funding our public schools and in the last session, I helped to forge a bipartisan plan that finally addressed the Supreme Court mandate requiring the Legislature to fully fund basic education. It is one of my top priorities to consistently fight to maintain high academic standards, lower class sizes, and make college tuition and textbooks affordable.

Our Economy

It has always been important to me to grow local business and help create jobs in our district. I understand that getting people to work and goods to market are key to our local economy. That’s why I am a strong supporter of transportation infrastructure investments and reforming the DOT. I also support leveling the playing field for small business through B&O tax reform and cutting red tape.

 Our Leaders

 These days it seems like there’s too much political bickering and special interest influence in Olympia. I believe that leadership means working with members of both parties to solve problems and not being afraid to say no to your friends. Innovation, common sense, and a bipartisan approach is what we need to solve problems. 

Do you have an issue you are concerned about?  Send me a message or give me a call on my cell phone at 253-740-6772.