On the Issues


Our Pocketbooks

 I understand that an important part of my job is protecting taxpayers from an overreaching government. I also believe that politicians need to lead by example.  That is why I have refused out of state junkets and do not send out taxpayer funded newsletters.  I have also worked hard to weed out state programs and services that are not needed and make our government more lean and efficient.


Our Economy

 I delivered tax credits to help jump start small businesses, worked in partnership with our community to improve our local economy, and supported investments in affordable housing that will create 10,000 new jobs. And, when the Federal Government did nothing when our local levees were failing in disrepair, I helped find the funds to protect local business and families. 


 Our Schools

 As a father, coach, and PTA volunteer, I am deeply committed to improving our schools. That's why I sponsored and passed the Education Funding Reform Bill that simplifies budgeting, increases transparency and accountability, improves transportation, and invests additional dollars in our schools. I also passed legislation that gets tough with failing schools, giving kids a better opportunity to succeed. 



 Few issues in the Legislature are as complicated as healthcare, and few have more of an impact on families across the state. Because my wife is a nurse, I hear everyday about what our state can do to improve healthcare access and make it more affordable. This past session we had a huge victory in reaching a compromise on expanding access to health care, but more needs to be done. I will continue to look for ways to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and the overall cost of health care in our state.


Safe Communities

 As a father of three girls, the safety of our children is always on my mind. I’m proud of the bills we passed in the Legislature to give prosecutors and law enforcement officers the resources they need to make our communities safer. We increased penalties for sex offenders, mandated 24-hour GPS monitoring for the worst sex offenders, and strengthened laws against child pornography and online predators. I will continue to work with police officers, prosecutors, and victims’ advocates to make sure Washington has the toughest laws in the country.


Support for Veterans

I believe in honoring our soldiers, not just when they’re at war but when they return home as well. That’s why I have sponsored and supported numerous pieces of legislation to help our veterans and their families while thay are away protecting us and when they return to our community.

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